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Information about air plants, including: air plant care, pictures, mounting, watering & frequently asked questions about tillandsia.

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How to grow Air Plants successfully


The first thing to get out of the way is the disclaimer.

This site is only intended to give general information about atmospheric Tillandsia. It is aimed at the person who has just bought a Tillandsia and knows very little or nothing about them. The information we are giving should work well for most species of Tillandsia that you are going to find available for general sale to the public. It is not intended to be the gospel on how to care for every species of Tillandsia there is. There are over 550 species ( and a lot of hybrids ) and some of them are very specialized, and require very different care than the information you will find here.

Also we are not trying to make out we are world experts on Tillandsia, but we are trying to give you the best information that we can, from what we learned ourselves and from talking to people that know a lot more than we do. So if you are a world expert taking a look at what we have done here, and we have messed something up, PLEASE let us know.

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Tillandsia Ionantha